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September 9th, 2007

It's just a try and see thing really. If we like the forum we can use it, maybe even go there and use it instead of the community. Or use both, or decide we don't like the forum and stay here. :)

But I guess it's worth a try, it's certainly easier to make conversation and have discussions on some things.


Register today ^_~

Oh, and if anyone likes to make a logo?
As I posted yesterday... I've downloaded a lot of new stuff, because I wanted a few new things to watch. It's not that I actually have much time, but I do love anime and because it can be good for learning Japanese I think I'm not wasting time watching it.

And as I said, I downloaded most of the new stuff... with subtitles. For two reasons really... It's easier to find subbed version (and they have more seeds) than raws, and... Yes, the understanding part. If I watch something for fun, I like to understand the plot and just get... everything.

I'm obsessive like that - I like to understand *everything*.

I still run for the dictionary (be it online or paper) if I see an English word I don't understand the exact meaning and 'feel' of. Even with Dutch words.

And now... I have to just let go of that obsessiveness, of that... 'fear' of not catching something, not understanding 110 %.

It can feel like losing something, at least... for me it does. It feels like I actually *lose* something by turning of those subs and focus on the Japanese instead.
You know how many times I'll hear a word - recognize it - *know* I have to understand the meaning or even have a translation ready somewhere in my head... But it just isn't quick enough? Instead I'll have to listen to the rest of the sentence/scene to catch at least *something* of that.

It happens every episode, every few minutes, if not more.

That's annoying, totally NOT motivating and downright frustrating. In fact, it could happen I just click the 'X' and not watch the rest of something I really enjoyed.

But the truth is... that this is exactly the reason why we should get away from subs as soon as possible.

Yes, you lose understanding of details, often you won't understand what the hell is going on and why everyone is running away, fighting, screaming at each other - whatever.

But it's the only way (at least I think it is) to learn enough to *really* not need subtitles sometime in the future (and it will be soon enough, if you just hang on.).

This is as much a motivation post for myself as it is for the rest of you.

I watched the first episode of Mushi uta and liked it. With subtitles yes, but I think I could've figured out enough to understand the basics and while not catching the details, still enjoy it.

And that's why I'm now downloading episode 2 3 *without* subs. :)

I might understand less of the next few series I watch - but if that leads to being able to understand 'everything' later on in my Japanese learning journey... It's gonna be worth it.

September 6th, 2007

If you're ok with this I'm gonna do this Khatzu style~ (well, parts)

First of all, I know some people think I'm smart. No I don't usually have real trouble learning something, but I still have to *do* it, I still have to work for it. I still have to review words every day, I still have to review kanji - everyday. I still have to read Japanese randomness - everyday.
I still have to watch more and more anime, movies and all... Everyday day again. And that way, slowly I'm learning more.

But if I were to forget about everything Japanese in my life for a week, I know I would lose some words, a lot of kanji, some understanding of it all.

(So, short version. Who knows, maybe I am a bit 'smarter' than average - I don't know, and I wouldn't exactly say that. Thing is just, I *don't* know, but some people seem to think that. But in the end - it doesn't *matter*.)

Does it matter if I learn 10 kanji and you only learn 5? Well, maybe it does at the moment, for you? But in the end it doesn't matter - as long as you learn something, that's ok. Hell, something? ANYTHING. 1 kanji, 1 word, one sentence you might understand in a whole movie or episode of your favorite anime. Something you wouldn't have understood if you would've watched it a week ago - or a month ago.

Learning a language is something... huge.

I'm not gonna say it's easy, I'm not gonna say it's something you can do in a very short period of time.

All I'm gonna say is this; you *can* do it.

You learned one language growing up, you learned Dutch (*shrugs* well at the moment we only have Dutch members...). Maybe you learned some other language first - fine, whatever. Point is - you learned *a* language. And you know what, you're reading this - understanding this. So apparently you also learned English, hm? Well at least to a level that makes you able to understand all this.

So, (for our Dutch members anyway), you learned 2 languages. If you could do it before now, you can do it again.

You *can* learn Japanese.

I don't feel I have a real right of speaking about this, because I'm still in the beginner phase myself... So maybe I should link to one of Khatzu's posts (ok, here you have it http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/there-was-a-time-when )

I could say a few similar things though...

*khatzu mode* (*laughs*)

Just 3 months ago, I couldn't read hiragana and katakana, at all. Now I read it without problems.

3 months ago I maybe knew 1 or 2 kanji (probably 何 and 人 ^_~), now I can actually read about 300 of those annoying things ;p

3 months ago I knew basic words like ひと & いぬ , now I know what 真夜中 and と同じように is, and I can read and understand sentences like;
音楽聞きたいです。(well, and many more xD; )

This morning in the train, I've read another (imo xD) huge chapter of Ayashi no Ceres. In Japanese.
Imagine the stares I got ^_~ I guess most people think I'm pretending to read it, well whatever they want to believe. (Yes, all kanji have furigana on them. Still I think it's an achievement to understand enough of it to follow the story in just 3 months, ne?)

And people still like to believe Japanese is one of 'the most difficult languages' to learn. We can judge that, after we learned it. You can't judge something like that before learning it, not really. The kanji might be a big challenge, but really... I guess it will just take *time*. Chinese has many more characters, and the millions (or eh, billions?) of Chinese people seem to be doing fine, don't they?

Do Japanese people have a ... build in advantage for kanji learning? I don't think they do? Is it something Asian people are born with? Hell, no, we're all just humans. There's no real reason for us to *not* be able to learn Japanese.

I think I could go on about this forever, but for now...

Just RELAX, sit back and watch you're favorite anime movie, just random Japanese movie, or watch the latest ep of Naruto shippuuden or whatever you like. (Without subs ^_~) Don't worry about "oh but I don't understand word X" or even "I don't understand anything BUT 'Watashi' or 'konnichiwa'... Just... Enjoy it, and once again remember why you wanted to learn Japanese in the first place.

September 5th, 2007

dunno japanees


I’m stuck 
I cant see the goal anymore 
I’m frustrated goz its not going so well i have a feeling i cant learn anymore

I can remember a word for a day but it’s gone the next i feel hopeless 

In the end maybe this is to hard for me maybe I will never learn it

I want to though but its not working add all

 I feel bad and stupid for not getting it

Baka Tasja


December 31st, 2010

We'll we talked about creating our own community for Japanese-learning related things... And here it is! ^_^

Feel free to post anything related to learning Japanese;
* Questions
* Happy posts
* Not-so-happy posts when you feel the goal (learning Japanese) is just not reachable...
* Share sites that help(ed) you...

Anything related to learning Japanese, and maybe something more.

Welcome everyone =D
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